Our Process


  • Once you have decided on a block of land, paid the deposit and awaiting the bank to approve loan/mortgage for the land, it is time to work on a personalised design for your dream home.
  • Depending on your requirements – type of home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, additional features and the block’s dimensions – shape, size, frontage, and slope; our inhouse team will design a concept plan.
  • Upon approval of façade and concept design, we will provide with a detailed quote including supplies, provisions and construction (building) services included in the build.
  • Discussion of quote would result in required changes and consequent acceptance of quote.
  • A contract with all terms and conditions of the build will be discussed with you for your approval and signature nominating Casagrande Homes as your designated builder.
  • Once Casagrande Homes has been appointed as the constructor of the build, a token amount (deposit) should be paid by the client to initiate drafting and floorplan design work for their home.
  • Our in-house team will prepare architectural plans and drawings, structural plans for Development Application approval or Complying Development Certificate. Over the following couple of weeks, these sketches and illustrations will be thoroughly discussed with the client for their inputs. All resulting alterations will receive a final approval from the client and the plans will be submitted to the council for design approval. Client to pay 5% deposit whilst awaiting plan and design approval.
  • Council will return with their approvals, following which you will apply for a construction loan with council approved design and for the building process. Once the loan application is approved, Casagrande Homes will start preparing the site for slab and footings.

Construction Process

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Fixed Price Home Packages with concept to Completion Services.